Majic Jungle Software

majicDaveMy name is David Frampton, and I'm the guy behind the one man operation that is Majic Jungle Software.

I started making games in 2003, after a brief stint as an artist painting landscapes on canvas. In my first few weeks of programming I had made a Tetris clone, before working on a never released but rather controversial plant growing simulation. Then over about 3 months I made the original version of Chopper for Mac OS X, which did well in a competition named uDevGame, and became quite popular.

My work on Chopper helped land me a job working on weather graphics for a few years, and after that I went on to work on a large interactive game-like museum exhibit - 'Our Space' at Te Papa.

Then the App Store launched, so I jumped on the opportunity, rewrote Chopper for the iPhone, had it on the App Store the day it launched, and have been working full time on iOS and Mac game/app development ever since.

In that time I have a released a few apps that didn't do all that great, but Chopper 2 was a huge success, out-selling the original.

Most recently I launched The Blockheads after a year's work in January 2013. It had already reached well over 2 million downloads within the first few days, and continues to be very popular.

From here I plan to keep adding to and improving The Blockheads for as long as I possibly can. There is so much future potential for The Blockheads and I am loving working on it.

You can send me an email at though I get lots of emails and am always busy coding so my apologies if I don't get back to you.

You can follow me on twitter: @majicDave