In which I semi-unretire

Written by David Frampton @ 2:42 am, September 9, 2015

Lately I’ve been working hard on a new game which has the working title ‘World Project’. This is the biggest undertaking of my game development career. It’s immersive 3D, multiplayer, set on a world 1.3x the size of earth with a large render distance, and is designed for VR. More info on the project is available on this page, and I’m also publishing a series of videos detailing my progress as I go.

So I thought I had better update my blog, given the last post here was titled ‘In which I semi-retire’.


Much of what I said in that post is still true, I still don’t feel motivated to work on Blockheads, and in hindsight when I wrote that I was voicing a desire to move on and do something else. I might not *have* to keep making stuff, but I was crazy thinking I wouldn’t want to. I love making games. It just took a few months to figure out what the next one would be.

But now I’ve found that new game, and I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed coding so much as I have this past few months. Making such a big and immersive thing is exciting, and working in VR is a whole new frontier.

So watch this space!

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