Written by David Frampton @ 9:38 pm, February 24, 2008

Tim Soret

As I am a solo developer working on multiple projects, MajicJungle should not be ignored. I’m going to post for both fluidmac and majicjungle here. So this is a post about Chopper.

Many months ago, without my prompting, or any promise of reward or payment of any kind, a very talented individual by the name of Tim Soret offered me a large assortment of graphics and sounds that he had created to enhance Chopper.

With a combination of Tim’s improvements and my own, I released Chopper 1.1. The problem was, that in the process of upgrading my various macs, I had lost Tim’s email address. This is a stupid error on my part, and should never have happened. But, here I was with a great release with a lot of work put in from both Tim and myself, and no way to contact him.

So I released Chopper 1.1 regardless, hoping that Tim would see the release and contact me. A few months later, Tim did indeed contact me, and not in a happy manor. Fair enough too, I would have been very pissed off in such a situation.

So Tim was rightly annoyed, but thankfully due to much explanation and Tim’s generosity we have got past these problems and Tim is now kindly offering to help out with graphics for Chopper Assault.

So the lesson learned is that if anyone in the software business has had help from a third party, you never want to lose contacts because of some hardware problem or otherwise. Backup your contacts.

And partly due to Tim’s enthusiasm for Chopper, I will be releasing version 1.2 of Chopper within the next couple of weeks.

FluidNoise 1.0.1 Released

Written by David Frampton @ 11:52 am, February 17, 2008

As promised, 1.0.1 has been released and is downloadable from

Version 1.0.1 is a maintenance release with the following fixes:

  • Fixes out of memory errors when exporting very large quicktime movies.
  • Modifies layout of user interface to better follow the Apple human interface guidelines.
  • Fixes some inconsistencies in the documentation.


Written by David Frampton @ 10:33 am, February 15, 2008

I decided to read over the Apple Human Interface Guidelines and realised that FluidNoise broke them in multiple places. So I have fixed most of the infringements for 2.0, and it looks quite a lot better. I’ll also go to the effort of making all of the HUD controls match the HUD panel look.

I stupidly thought that having used Mac apps for years I would intuitively know what to do. Turns out I made some pretty fundamental mistakes. Live and learn.

OpenEXR support is working in 2.0 and I’ve made good progress on adding normal map support.

I also found how to get rid of the out of memory crashes when exporting massively long quicktime movies. That is worthy of fixing in 1.0 too so 1.0.1 will be released shortly.

Currently the date lined up for switching to full time indie development is May 1st. FluidNoise 2.0 should be released before then, and Chopper Assault will get full attention after that. Then it’s back to FluidMotion. Can’t wait to feel that rush of rapid progress again.

Does anyone know of a good cafe in the Wellington region that has internet and has views of the ocean? I received my MBP yesterday in preparation for the move to my new office. Just haven’t actually found my office yet.