FluidNoise 2.0 Mockup

Written by David Frampton @ 6:52 pm, March 30, 2008

I’ve decided to take an unusual step and publish a FluidNoise 2.0 mockup containing the potential UI and feature set for the 2.0 release.

The major changes see the configuration panel incorporated into the main view, the new 2.0 features of normal map and distortion styles added at a document property level, and the environment map added with opacity and blend mode options so it can be composited over the main styles.

The reason for this posting is to get feedback as early as possible. Early feedback can allow me to make changes that might not be possible later and any opinions from users or potential users are immensely valuable. So please let me know (via email or comments on this blog) if you have any thoughts on this design. I’m used to criticism. Tell me what sucks.

More FluidNoise progress, Chopper 1.2 nearly ready

Written by David Frampton @ 8:25 pm, March 29, 2008

Chopper 1.2 will be released on Thursday the 3rd of April. Changes include:

  • Four new levels set in a new desert theme
  • Graphical improvements
  • Uses smaller images on lower end computers for faster loading and frame rates
  • Now uses OpenAL to provide 3D surround sound
  • Added ambient sound effects
  • Fixes rare bug where all sounds failed to play
  • Controls are now displayed on loading screens
  • 60 minute trial
  • Fixes bug where Cmd-F did not work to switch to fullscreen from windowed


I haven’t played so much Chopper since it was first created. I’ve gone from ‘Chopper is actually kind of fun’ to ‘I don’t want to test this anymore’ to ‘I just want to get past this’ to ‘just one more level’ and as a result the new levels should be of better quality than those introduced in version 1.1.

The new levels include “The cliffs have eyes” which forces you into cornered situations and “Beyond The Caves” which guides you through a very tight and highly guarded pathway.

During the testing process I discovered that a bunch of very fun mini-games are possible. From ‘How many jets can you kill in x minutes’ to ‘How far can you fly through a difficult cave structure’. This will probably be in Chopper Assault, but this work on Chopper has been quite inspirational.

I’ve also been working on FluidNoise 2.0. Normal maps and environment maps are looking good. I’ve also added an image distortion option which can make some fantastic looking effects.

After opening both a gradient image and an environment map image in photoshop and compositing them together, I would like to add this functionality to FluidNoise. The difficult part is making an easy to use interface, but I think it will be worth it.

No definitive release date yet, but 2.0 is well on it’s way.

FluidMotion Withdrawn

Written by David Frampton @ 6:34 pm, March 8, 2008

Although it has the potential to be great, FluidMotion is now quite low on my priority list. With limited time available my best estimate for completion has now shifted to over a year away. This is just too long a development cycle, when competing products are getting produced and improved at an ever growing rate. I have no idea if such an application would even be useful so far in to the future.

The good news is that this will give me more time to improve FluidNoise, iSight Screensavers, and Chopper.

Apple have figured out that it is best to wait until a product is ready before announcing it. I have finally learnt that this is a very good idea.