FluidNoise 1.0.3 Released

Written by David Frampton @ 6:54 pm, May 28, 2008

For those of you who haven’t tried it out yet, here is a brief summary.

Every computer-based graphics artist should have a tool for generating fractal noise in their arsenal. Noise generators create images that mimic nature, and as such can vastly increase the realism of a CG image, by taking away that hard computer generated look.

FluidNoise is just such a noise generator. It takes a bunch of random numbers and turns them into a natural looking image. It does so with a powerful collection of controls that can tweak the output to create a vast range of different images.

Where FluidNoise really shines though, is in its tiling/looping ability. All exported images and animations from FluidNoise can tile without any seams. This means that a FluidNoise image can be mapped to a 3D model and scaled up or down without any artifacts. A small, quick loading image can be plastered across the background of a web page without ugly seams. For any application where real time graphics performance or a tiling natural pattern is required, FluidNoise is invaluable.

This version fixes stability problems with animation export, particularly image sequences. It also adds a much requested feature: saving the last used export codec settings for next time.


Chopper coming to an iPhone near you

Written by David Frampton @ 3:24 pm, May 18, 2008

Chopper iPhone

Sometimes, changes in available technology warrant a change in priorities. 

That is all.