Post release

Written by David Frampton @ 11:12 am, July 16, 2008


Chopper has been on the App Store for around 5 days now. In that time it has been slowly climbing up the top 100 (currently at ~#35), and seems to be well received with mostly very positive reviews.

I’m really happy with how it has gone. I’m happy with the App Store and how it’s been managed by Apple. I’m happy that no major bugs have been found in Chopper and most of all I’m happy that you guys are happy!

There have understandably been a few kinks in the App Store, most of which have already been resolved. I’m sure the crashing on launch problems that many apps are experiencing right now are being furiously ironed out by Apple as I write this.

I’m currently working on the next release, which will address some minor bugs that have been found since 1.0. I will also be adding the much requested option to have the button controls at the bottom of the screen, and (thanks for the idea Ed) will be removing the targets from the hardest difficulty to add a bit more challenge!

So thanks everyone for your support. I have no sales figures yet, but all up I feel it was a very successful release.

Has anyone completed the hardest difficulty yet?

Chopper for iPhone complete

Written by David Frampton @ 8:04 pm, July 5, 2008

Chopper for iPhone

Today I submitted Chopper 1.0 for the iPhone to the App Store.

Chopper will be priced at US$7.99 and should be available when the App Store goes live.

There are many things that make the iPhone/iPod Touch version different from the desktop version. I hope that everyone who tries Chopper for the iPhone thoroughly enjoys the experience.