Written by David Frampton @ 10:24 am, September 26, 2008


Earlier this week I submitted DuckDuckDuck to the App Store.

In DuckDuckDuck the objective is to tilt a number of ducks into their matching colored whirl pools. It’s a really simple game, but can be quite addictive and has pretty water graphics!

I was getting a little bogged down by the complexity of the space alligator game, so decided to make DuckDuckDuck as a fun interlude. I knew I could make fairly realistic water run on the iPhone. I also thought that game play based on those old plastic toys where you try to get ball bearings into holes drilled in a cardboard backing could be neat on the iPhone.

So DuckDuckDuck was born and ended up being the most rewarding enjoyable and quick to make app I have ever made. Hopefully it’s well received, feedback from beta testers has been really positive!

It’s probably pretty obvious by now, but I am not working on any Mac OS X development at this point. To put things into perspective, Chopper for iPhone made more money in one day than Chopper for Mac OS X has made in the entire time since it’s release. Also, FluidNoise has not had a single registration in the past two months.

So with such a lucrative market and such a new exciting device to code for my Mac apps are being neglected. Who knows, a Mac App Store might come along and change that, but currently there is no question of where I should be focusing my efforts.

Mac Chopper reduced to $9.99, iSight Screensavers – $4.99

Written by David Frampton @ 10:40 am, September 8, 2008

The Mac OS X desktop version of Chopper has been permanently reduced in price from USD $15 to $9.99.

iSight Screensavers has also had it’s price cut from USD $9.95 to $4.99.