Chopper 2 FAQ

Chopper 2 FAQ - Mac OS X

  • I'm having trouble connecting my iPhone/iPod Touch to my Mac when using the remote control feature, or they keep disconnecting, what can I do?
    - Have a look at the Mac remote control troubleshooting guide.

  • What are the keyboard controls again?
    - the Mac keyboard/mouse controls are listed here.

  • I'm still having problems, who can I contact for help?
    - The best way to get fast support is over email. More details here.

Mac remote control troubleshooting


With the launch of Chopper 2 on the Mac, a small percentage of users have not been able to get the remote control feature to work. This is due to a number of issues which should all be fixed within the next few weeks. An update has already been released which fixes a number of issues, so please update through the Mac App Store to 1.2.1 if you haven't already. A further update is being worked on that makes other improvements, and an iPhone update will also be released to fix some issues with the documentation and a rare crash there.

Please note also, that though the iPhone app may say "Note: for best results, enable Bluetooth from Settings app on both devices." this is, in fact false. Only WiFi connections are currently supported, so it is actually better (though not usually necessary) to disable bluetooth on the iPhone. Disabling bluetooth on the Mac should have little to no effect, so is not necessary.

We at Majic Jungle are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. You can wait for the updates to fix your issues, or in most cases, by trying the options below a workaround can be found.


• Firstly make sure you have the latest version (1.2) of the iPhone version of Chopper 2. This is the version that has Game Center support, and will mention the Mac in the setup text. Also make sure you have the latest version (1.2.1) on your Mac.

• Bluetooth is known to occasionally cause interference with the WiFi connection, so you can try turning off Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPod Touch before attempting to connect. Again disabling bluetooth on the Mac should have little to no effect, so is not necessary.

• Some firewalls and routers and any network performance issues can cause connection problems. In particular if you are able to connect, but then frequently see disconnects, your connection simply isn't fast enough or reliable enough to play Chopper 2. For the most reliable results, you can setup internet sharing in the 'Sharing' pane in System Preferences on your Mac. You can then create a network from the Mac over WiFi and connect to that network with your iPhone or iPod Touch. In rare cases some routers or environments may have too much wireless interference/latency for the feature to work at all.

• There is a known issue in the current iPhone release of Chopper 2 that will cause a crash when you try to use the device as a remote if your device's name is less than 4 characters. The only known workaround is to rename your device to 4 characters or greater. An update to the iPhone version fixing this issue will be submitted shortly.

Mac keyboard/mouse controls

At any time during the game you can pause and view the control instructions by clicking 'Controls' then 'Instructions Movie'.


The W,A,S, and D keys move the chopper up/left/down/right. If you are left handed or prefer, you can use the I, J, K and L keys instead.


X, C, or F all drop bombs, and you can alternatively use H, N or M. The space bar fires rockets. You do not need to stop flying forward to drop bombs, it might take a little getting used to, but it is generally much better to instead use your thumb.

The mouse is used for firing the machine gun. when you click and hold the left mouse button you will start firing. You can then drag to adjust your aim.

If you have a 3 button mouse, then you can instead use the mouse buttons to drop bombs and fire rockets. This is generally the preffered method. You may need to setup your mouse to enable the extra buttons in System Preferences, in the 'Mouse' pane.

Chopper 2 FAQ - iPhone/iPad

Chopper 2 iPhone/iPad remote control setup instructions

Chopper 2 can use any iPhone or iPod touch as a controller for any iPad, or Retina display device, including the iPhone 4 or 4th generation (Retina display) iPod touch.

It can be used over either WiFi or Bluetooth, and should be pretty easy to setup. However, if you are having issues, these instructions and troubleshooting tips should help.

Controller instructions

Chopper 2 remote control instructions 1. Exit any current game, then navigate to the top level menu by tapping the back button.

Chopper 2 remote control instructions 2. In this menu, tap the 'Use as Remote' button

Chopper 2 remote control instructions 3. Now in this instructions screen, again tap the 'Use as remote' button. The device will now start looking for another device to control.

Main device instructions

You can set up the main device either from the top level menu before you start a game, or from the pause menu while you are playing.

These screenshots are from an iPad, but you can also remotely control an iPhone 4 or 4th generation iPod touch, and the procedure is the same.

Chopper 2 remote control instructions 1. If you are not in the middle of a game, navigate to the top level menu and tap the 'Options' button.

Chopper 2 remote control instructions 2. Now you will see the options menu. If you were in the middle of a game, simply pause the game and you will see this same menu. Tap the 'Controls' button.

Chopper 2 remote control instructions 3. Now tap the 'Remote' flight control toggle button.

Chopper 2 remote control instructions 4. And tap 'Start remote control. There may be a delay of up to 30 seconds while the two devices connect.

If you experience a delay longer than this, hit back on both of the devices and try again, or refer to the trouble shooting guide below.

Chopper 2 remote control instructions Chopper 2 remote control instructions The two devices are now connected. You can tap the 'Done' button to start or resume a game.

iPhone/iPad remote control troubleshooting

If the devices do not connect:
  • Make sure you have the most recent version of Chopper 2 on both devices. The updates are often not backwards compatible.
  • Make sure either both devices have bluetooth switched on, or both devices are on the same WiFi network. Chopper 2 does not turn on bluetooth automatically, so you must enable it in the Settings app.
  • Note that only the iPad, iPhone 4, and iPod touch 4th generation (Retina display) are able to be remotely controlled. However any iPhone or iPod touch can remotely control those devices. Also the first generation (aluminum back) iPhone, and first generation iPod touch do not support Bluetooth, so will only work over WiFi.

If the devices still do not connect, or drop out frequently, or you experience a large lag or delay between your actions and the game response:
  • Try restarting both devices and connecting again.
  • Try turning off either bluetooth or Wifi on both devices. There may be some problems if a device has both Bluetooth and Wifi enabled at the same time.
  • Ensure there are no sources of wireless interference, that you have a good signal strength and that the WiFi network isn't being saturated, or having other performance problems.
  • When using bluetooth, try to reduce the distance between the two devices.
  • Make sure your devices are running the most recent available version of iOS.

How TV out works

Chopper 2 supports the use of an external display or TV. This feature is supported on the iPad, the iPhone 4, and the 4th generation iPod touch (Retina display).

The TV out feature is also only supported while the output device is being remotely controlled. So as well as one of the above devices, you will also need a second device, which can be any generation of iPhone or iPod touch.

You can plug the output device into the external display at any point, before launching Chopper 2, or while it is running. You also need to start the remote control session, either before or after connecting the external display. From that point on gameplay will be displayed on the TV.

You can control most aspects of the game from the remote device, including pausing/un-pausing, changing the remote control options, skipping past intro scenes and continuing on to the next mission. However some actions like changing difficulties or moving on to new locations will need to be performed on the output device itself.

TV Out cable/device recommendations

Chopper 2 has been tested with the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter, the Apple Component AV Cable, and the Apple Composite AV Cable. All three of these cables have been tested with the iPad, the iPhone 4, and the iPod touch 4th generation.

The Composite cable offers the worst quality, and is only recommended if you have a standard definition display, and cannot use one of the other cables.

The Component cable offers better quality, and has an advantage over the the VGA adapter, in that it can charge the device, and provides audio over the cable. However it has a maximum of 576p resolution, which is inferior quality to the VGA adapter.

The VGA adapter (despite being called an 'iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter') also supports the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4th generation, which is stated on the Apple product page. It does not charge the device while playing, and doesn't carry audio, so you'll need a separate cable for that. However it is the cheapest cable, and appears to offer the best resolution, at 1024x768.

The iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4th generation currently appear to offer better performance on an external display over any cable than an iPad. However the iPad may catch up in future versions of iOS.

Chopper 2 email support

For all Chopper 2 support enquiries please email All support enquiries will be read and responded to as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.