New website, Chopper and Chopper 2 for iPad

Written by David Frampton @ 9:14 pm, March 30, 2010

You’re looking at the new website design for, hope you like it! Resize the window, it’s cool :)

I’d been meaning to lighten up the design for a while now, and also optimize the viewing experience on the iPhone, which should now be a lot better.

Now seemed like a great time to update the site, with the iPad just days away from launch, and Chopper and Chopper Lite version 1.3 for iPhone and iPad waiting patiently for April 3rd.

Both Chopper and Chopper Lite have been made universal. So if you have them for the iPhone now, they will just work on an iPad at no extra cost. You can see a screenshot for the iPad version on the Chopper for iPhone and iPad page. It hasn’t just been blown up. Though it does have new HD graphics, it actually allows you to see further and fly higher. So it should be a different game experience, with more enemies and projectiles on the screen at once, but a bit more height to work with.

Chopper 2 is coming along nicely, with the first alpha version back from testing, and 12 out of the 36 final missions completed. Chopper 2 will also be a universal app for iPhone and iPad, and an in depth article was posted on Touch Arcade recently with some juicy details and new screenshots.

Things are really gearing up with Chopper 2 coming together, the iPad launch and a number of things in the pipeline for after Chopper 2, not the least of which being the Mac version. It’s going to be a very exciting year!