Chopper 2 available now!

Written by David Frampton @ 3:46 am, July 27, 2010

Chopper 2 has just hit the App Store worldwide. You can download it from this link. It is $4.99 US, but on sale at $2.99 for a limited time.

Check out the glowing touchArcade review, and if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here it is:

Chopper 2 approved! – Trailer, launch date, pricing.

Written by David Frampton @ 9:26 am, July 24, 2010

Chopper 2 has now been approved by Apple. It will be available on the App Store from Tuesday the 27th of July.

Chopper 2 will be priced at $4.99, but will be launched at a sale price of $2.99 for a limited time. For more information have a look at the Chopper 2 web page

The official Chopper 2 trailer:

Chopper 2 Submitted

Written by David Frampton @ 5:05 am, July 17, 2010

Chopper 2

Chopper 2 is finally complete, and has now been submitted to Apple for review! It has been a huge amount of work over the past year or so but the result is something I am very proud of. Testers have been blown away, and the bluetooth remote control feature has to be tried to be believed.

Review times are a bit of an unknown, but if all goes well, expect to see Chopper 2 for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad in the App Store before the end of July. Keep an eye on the (recently updated) Chopper 2 page in the meantime.