Chopper for Mac and iSight Screensavers now free, Appfall announced.

Written by David Frampton @ 2:25 am, December 29, 2010

The original version of Chopper for Mac and the webcam controlled iSight Screensavers are now both available free of charge.

With the launch of the Mac App Store and Chopper 2 for Mac on January 6th, now seemed a great time to move completely away from shareware. Chopper was previously capped at 30 minutes of gameplay, with a $9.99 price tag, and iSight Screensavers previously displayed UNREGISTERED text over the display, costing $4.99 to remove it. Both of these restrictions have now been permanently removed, and don’t worry, there is no advertising added.

iSight Screensavers and the original version of Chopper will not be available from the Mac App Store, but both Chopper 2 and Fluid Noise Generator (previously named FluidNoise) will be available on the Mac App Store on the 6th.

AppfallA new Mac app – Appfall – has also been submitted for the Mac App Store, and may or may not make the launch date. Appfall is an interactive screensaver and simulation similar to the app wall from WWDC ‘10.