Chopper 2 Gameplay video

Written by David Frampton @ 1:38 am, September 28, 2009

TouchArcade recently posted a gameplay video of Chopper 2 on the iPhone in action! Check it out on

MajicRank 1.4 adds Top 200s, Top Grossing.

Written by David Frampton @ 10:30 pm, September 13, 2009

UPDATE: Unfortunately Apple reverted back to the old data formats soon after this post, and MajicRank 1.4 stopped working. You can download MajicRank 1.3.2 which still works fine here. The rest of this news item is now in limbo, but I’ll leave it here for now! Hopefully Apple will restore top 200s again at some point.

With the release of iTunes 9 came a completely new App Store which now displays Top 200s and has a new ‘Top Grossing’ chart.

As a result, MajicRank 1.4 can now display ranks right up to 200, and display Top Grossing results as well.

In iTunes currently, some categories don’t have visible top paid/ top free 200s, and most don’t display top grossing. However, MajicRank is able to display an applications rank in the top free, top paid, or top grossing chart for any category or subcategory.

MajicRank product page
Direct download (0.5MB)


Written by David Frampton @ 4:16 am, April 12, 2009

Update: MajicRank 1.3 has been released, and now has it’s own product page.

MajicRank is a free application for Mac OS X (10.5+) designed to give iPhone App Developers an easy way to see how popular their applications are around the world.

It automatically downloads top 100 statistics for any iPhone app, for any categories or game sub categories, for most regions from iTunes, and displays the results in a colored table. Note that though the screenshot only shows 8 regions, the rest can be added in the preferences menu.

MajicRank 1.2 can be downloaded from (0.5MB)


MajicRank Screenshot

It is likely that at some point Apple will change their formats and the scrapping algorithms will fail. So it’s also likely that at some point this app will crash or give false results or have some other problem. However I will try to keep it working, and please let me know of any bugs you find.

I’m @majicDave on twitter, or you can email me:


Press the ‘+’ button to add your app, edit the name by double clicking on it. The name must match exactly the name that is currently called in iTunes. Select the categories that your app falls under.

Every time you refresh or restart the app, MajicRank will attempt to download every category that is selected from every region. Sometimes a download may fail, and a yellow exclamation mark represents this.

The more categories you add, the slower the load time will be. 10 apps all set to Games/Action should be as quick to load as 1 app set to Games/Action, but 10 apps each with uniquely different categories will be 10x slower to load than 1 app.

Every time you make a change to the apps list or an app’s categories the changes are saved automatically and will load on relaunch of the app. If you come across a crash on launch, or want to get rid of your saved configurations for any reason, remove ~/Library/Application Support/MajicRank/appsModel.plist

By default MajicRank will only download the ‘Big Eight’, the eight largest (arbitrarily decided by me) regions. This can be changed in the preferences.


There is a preference for Archiving the results (disabled by default). If you enable this preference, every time you do a search, a potentially quite large (200KB-4MB+) file will be saved in ~/Library/Application Support/MajicRank/. This is a gzipped Keyed Archive of an NSDictionary of all all apps in all of the top 100s that have been downloaded. Currently this file is not used by MajicRank, but if you do want to start keeping a history now it may come in useful later.


I would like to add change tracking. A simple trend indication should come soon, but graphs would be better. It depends how high the demand is, and how much I feel like procrastinating work on Chopper 2!

Chopper, Chopper, Chopper

Written by David Frampton @ 8:29 am, April 3, 2009

Firstly, Chopper for iPhone is on sale at 99c. It’s not the first time, and it probably won’t be the last, but it’s as good as any a time to get it - iTunes Link.

Secondly, Chopper for iPhone 1.2 has been submitted. Version 1.2 adds a new control option that makes it so touching the right half of the screen fires the machine gun, and touching the left half drops bombs. I wanted to do this initially, as it is the best way to control weapon fire. The only reason I didn’t make it this way from the start is that it is not obvious you can fire a weapon without having a button to press. As an option, though, it works well. Chopper 1.2 also offers some improvements in performance. The frame rate should be smoother now, and battery usage should go down. This update should show up within the next few days.

Thirdly, Chopper Lite has been submitted. Chopper Lite gives 5 levels in the normal and hard difficulties, and will be free, without advertising. I have been waiting for Apple to provide a fully sanctioned way to offer demo versions, but it hasn’t happened, so I’ve caved and released the ‘Lite’ version. It’s a way to try Chopper out, if you were not convinced by the screenshots. It could be a week or more before Chopper Lite is approved, but this should be the iTunes link when it shows up.

And last, but sure as hell not least, I am now working on Chopper 2. My priority is to release an iPhone version, but I do hope to release a Mac version at a later point, too. Chopper 2 is using a lot of the code and ideas from ‘Chopper Assault’, and will replace it.

I am being completely open about the development process, and the best place to keep up with Chopper 2 as it progresses (and voice your opinion) is by following the @chopper_2 twitter feed. A couple of very early screenshots are available – and more will be added – in the Chopper 2 flickr set.

As a side note, there will not be a Windows version of Chopper 2. Chopper Assault was compiling for Windows, but it was written in C++ with Windows in mind. I am now firmly addicted to Objective C/Cocoa/OpenGL/Apple hardware, and have no interest in doing the huge amount of work porting to a language/API/system I have little knowledge of, for a platform with such high piracy and such (rightly so) low trust in shareware. So sorry, Windows folk. Chopper is not heading your way.

5 Fingers Games Bundle

Written by David Frampton @ 8:18 pm, March 9, 2009

So this is what I’ve been working on for the past month.

5 Fingers Games Bundle  -

I teamed up with five other developers to create a bundle of our best five games. We faced some interesting challenges along the way, mostly technical and legal. But despite living in 4 different timezones, communicating via email, and having 5 different conflicting code bases, we managed to pull it off.

Initial feedback has been very positive, hopefully there is something in the bundle for everyone.

Chopper for iPhone on sale

Written by David Frampton @ 10:27 pm, March 7, 2009

Chopper for iPhone is now on sale at 40% off for a limited time.

iTunes link

This is partly in preparation for something new that is coming. It’s not a sequel, but stay tuned.

Chopper for Mac 1.2.4 – ‘Skip cave level’ option

Written by David Frampton @ 3:27 am, February 28, 2009

Many people have had difficulty getting past the ‘Beyond The Caves’ level in Chopper.

The first few emails I got complaining about this level caused me to wonder if I had done the right thing, and think about what I might do better in a sequel. Maybe make the change in skills required not so jarring, perhaps offer a completely separate sequence of cave levels.

Then it started to get a little disconcerting. Probably more than a dozen emails, many of whom I assume came from people who are actually losing out on the later levels, just because they cannot get past this one that is so different.

So finally I have resigned to the fact that I made a mistake. I still think it’s a great level, that teaches you some careful maneuvering tactics at the right place in the game, but for too many people the change in the skill required just sticks out like a sore thumb.

So 1.2.4 adds a new preference to skip the caves level. It’s not the best solution, and I hope I don’t have to do anything like this again. But hopefully those of you who have been stuck on this level can now enjoy more of the game.

Chopper for Mac OS X 1.2.4

New Majic Jungle Website

Written by David Frampton @ 3:38 am, January 7, 2009

It’s long overdue, but finally the Majic Jungle Software website has had a complete overhaul.

Mac and iPhone applications are now listed all together on one page and the blog has been pulled over from fluidmac, which will shortly be closing down. There’s also a brand new news section and this is the first news item! This will be kept up to date with new products and updates, and the blog will be a commentary on development.

The new site will take over the old one in the next few days after I finish off a few things like adding legacy links and the eSellerate purchase pages.

Please let me know if  you find any problems or have suggestions, and hopefully it’s an improvement!

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