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iSight Screensavers 1.5

Universal Binary (Free)

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iSight Screensavers is a collection of screensavers that use video from an iSight or other camera to morph fluid, create fire, and interact in fun and highly visual ways.

iSight Screensavers 1.5 fixes issues with many of the effects not working on OS X 10.7 Lion. It requires OS X Snow Leopard or better.


  • Fluid - Play with a beautiful fluid dynamics simulation
  • Particles - Create magical looking brightly colored particles wherever you move
  • Champagne - Immerse yourself in a champagne world and watch as bubbles appear all over you
  • Fire - Set yourself or your desktop on fire - in a painless kind of way!
  • Water - Ripples appear wherever you move
  • Flipping Grid - A grid of tiles flips over as you move
  • Core Image - Over 30 configurable effects using powerful core image filters

Note that the fluid effect is not supported on the GMA 950 graphics chip set (common in older MacBooks and Mac minis).

iSight Screensavers from Majic Jungle Software on Vimeo.

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